Hi all,

I would like to share our experience with Hilda & Raj who are professional agents regarding migrating to Australia and also other types of visa.

I have got contact on Hilda from my friend and when I started looking reviews there were just all 5 stars like the best agent ever!
So I went with Hilda and from my first contact with Hilda I was more than happy.

Hilda was very prompt even I emailed her 10:00 pm at the weekends she replied -amazing, she is so prompt, helpful, knowledgeable and nothing can stop her. She is organized very well and that is also why we have not had any single problem from immigration. Hilda exactly know what you need.

Immigration did not call because they just did not have any reason why – everything was perfect and punctual what is very important in Australia.

I must say with my partner that we have a lot good and either bad agents nevertheless Hilda is just BEST agent who we ever met!!

We thank you very much Hilda for all what you did for us. Thank to you we have received our desire permanent residence!

We are very grateful to you!!!