Australian SayingsWhile Australia’s national language is English, there are a few unique colloquialisms that you will hear when you move ‘Down Under’. It can be a little daunting when you are in a new country and attempting to fit in, and you hear some unusual sayings that really don’t make any sense.

The following list of Australian Colloquialisms is by no means complete – but it will give you a good start for understanding what some ‘Aussies’ are really saying.

“Big smoke” – The city
“Big noting” – Boasting
“Have a blue” – Have an argument or fight
“Bludger” – Someone who does nothing (derogatory term)
“Boot” – Car trunk
“You’ve got Buckley’s” / “Buckley’s Chance” – You have no chance
“B.Y.O.” – Bring your own – often refers to alcohol
“Charge like wounded bulls” – Very expensive
“Chook” – Chicken
“Chrissie” – Christmas
“It cost an arm and a leg” – It is very expensive
“It’s crook” – It is broken or no good
“I’m crook” – I am unwell
“Don’t go crook” – Don’t get mad
“She did the block” – She got so mad she lost control
“Give him curry” – Give him a hard time
“Dacks” – Trousers
“Dill” – A stupid person
“Dragging the chain” – Going very slowly
“Drongo” – Fool
“Galah” – Fool
“Dummy” – Fool
“Dunny” – Toilet
“Earbash” – Talk a lot
“Fair dinkum” – True
“Be the first cab off the rank” – Be first
“Kiwi” – New Zealander
“Good on ya!” – Either ‘good’ or sarcasm
“Gone bush” – Disappeared
“He jobbed him” – He hit him
“Joe Blow” – Average man
“Jungle juice” – Alcohol
“He’s a bit of a larrikin” – He has a good sense of humour and jokes a lot
“Happy as Larry” – Very happy
“Hard yacker” – Hard work
“Light on” – Not much
“Live off the smell of an oily rag” – Live cheaply
“Lolly water” – Non alcoholic drink, eg. soda
“Like a stunned mullet” – Dazed
“No hoper” – Useless
“No brainer” – You don’t have to think about it
“On the nose” – Smells very bad
“On the turps” – Drinking alcohol
“In the nuddy” – Naked
“Plonk” – wine
“Possie” – Position
“Poms” – People from English
“Rapt” – Very happy
“Ratbag” – Crazy person
“Ripper” – Great
“Don’t rubbish him” – Don’t say bad things about him
“Rustbucket” – very old car in poor condition
“As silly as a wheel” – Stupid
“It’s your shout” – It’s your turn to buy for yourself and others
“She’s apples” – It will be alright
“Smoko” – Snack break
“Snags” – Sausages
“Sook” – Someone who complains or cries alot
“Speedo” – Speedometer in a car
“Spit the dummy” / “Dummy spit” – get very angry
“Spitting chips” – Very angry
“Sticky beak” – Inquisitive person
“Stubbies” – Small bottles of beer
“Six Pack” – Container of 6 bottles/cans of beer
“Tinny” – Small boat
“Went troppo” – Lost control
“Truckie” – Truck driver
“Tucker” – Food
“Two pot screamer” – Someone who gets drunk on very little alcohol
“Uni” – University
“Wharfie” – A person who works at the docks
“Whinger” – Someone who complains alot
“Windies” – West Indians
“Won’t have a bar of it” – Won’t tolerate it
“Sandgropers” – People who live in Western Australia
“Banana benders” – People who live in Queensland
“Cockroaches” – People who live in New South Wales
“Tassies” – People who live in Tasmania
“Mexicans” – People who in Victoria