International StudentDid you know that Australia is a very popular destination for international students? There are a number of advantages to studying in Australia, including world class educators and facilities, the freedom to study, the relaxed lifestyle, and great weather. To further benefit international students, the Australian Government has announced changes to the student visa system.

These changes include:

  • reducing the number of student visa categories from eight to two (to simplify the process), and
  • introducing a simplified single immigration risk framework for international students

This new framework is called the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF).

The Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, and the Assistant Immigration, Minister Michaelia Cash, said that the current visa risk assessment system tends to favour universities and a limited number of other education providers. With the new system it will be easier for private colleges to enrol foreign students.

If you are an international student considering coming to Australia to study, here’s what the changes mean to you:

  • no matter which education provider (University or college) you apply to, you will be assessed for visa risk under the single framework
  • the assessment will be based on the country you will be coming from
  • the assessment will also be based on the immigration compliance record of other students who have studied at that particular education provider
  • fewer students are required to provide evidence for admission

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