Visa Application Charges Increasing July 2015

The Federal Budget for 2015-16 has just been released and it affects Visa Application Charges. While minor changes have been made to many Visa Application Charges according to inflation, etc. there have been larger increases for the Significant Investor Visa Subclasses and Offshore Partner Visas. The Visa Application Charges increases include: 2.3% for GSM, Skilled

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Easier Travel To and From Australia

Travel to and from Australia will become easier due to new initiatives of the Australian Government. This ease is due to the Australian Visa processes being made more efficient. People who will benefit from the visa process changes include international travellers, the travel industry, exporters, importers and, of course, visa applicants. One of the initiatives,

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About Australia

LIVING IN AUSTRALIA Australia is a beautiful place to live with stunning beaches, exciting cities and an amazing natural environment. With a strong, resilient economy supporting a secure workforce, Australia offers excellent employment opportunities in the full time and part time workforces. The mineral resources and oil & gas sectors continue to bolster the economy

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