My partner sponsored me on a prospective marriage visa through Aus Visa Specialists recently. From what I heard, the visa application and process was lengthy and time consuming. We decided to go through Hilda Dhanaraj, since we were both aware of her great reputation and high level of professionalism which was delivered by her team and herself. Having a great attention to detail, Hilda listened to our situation and gave us great advice on which visa was most suitable for my situation. Hilda’s approach was always straightforward & professional but personal at the same time. Hilda was honest & informed us of the time it would take to process the visa. Aus Visa Specialists helped us all the way through with the preparation & submission of documentation. After the application was lodged, they kept us informed of the progress of our visa application. Hilda gave us a checklist of all required documents that we had to submit for the application. Hilda made it very easy for us as she has great experience and attention to detail which enabled a smooth transition for our visa application. You would be surprised how many people go to her office for visa applications and information, yet she accommodates everyone to her busy schedules. We were surprised when we got the visa only after three months. This obviously shows that Hilda has a great sense of dedication for her clients and maintains a good reputation for her business. Hilda always provided her full commitment and support throughout the process. Personally, Hilda understood the stress we are in regarding our visa, but she always put us as top priority as she is very hard working and patient. We really appreciate the effort and support provided by Hilda and the team. We recommend Aus Visa Specialists as the best migration agent.