Heng Su Hsien TestimonialOne could not have found a more caring, proficient and professional migration agent like Hilda and her team. My hope for an Australian Migration visa started off badly (due to bad advice from other Australian migration agents in Perth, my own ignorance and the multiple changes to Australian visa policies) but Hilda helped me keep my sanity and gave me her honest opinions so that I could make informed decisions.
Although I was unable to secure a temporary visa despite our rush to send in my application, Hilda did not give up and searched through all the options available and in the end, we discovered that I was eligible for a Permanent WA State Sponsored Subclass 190 Visa instead! Now, I’ve gotten the visa approval and I’m ecstatic!! Hilda and her team are sincere, efficient and most importantly, they are ready to go into the nitty gritty to do their best for their clients. Simply awesome!