We have successfully worked with Hilda (Aus Visa Specialists) to convert my 457 Skilled worker Visa into a 856 Visa (Permanent Residency). This sounds like a quick standard process, but it didn’t turn out that way and at some stage the whole application turned into a nightmare as the Department of Immigration started off being very difficult and basically initially wanted to reject our application based on incorrect interpretations of our company’s activities which was being reinforced by some petty legal issues. This made it seem almost impossible to get the application through. However, Hilda stepped in and gave us some priceless expert advice on how to approach the Department. With the help of our Managing Director, who strongly emphasized on the importance of the business and its contributions to the WA economy, the Department promptly approved the visa application. We now know why Hilda is called “Lady Luck”! There is something special about the way Hilda works that makes her business stand out from other visa speciali