Kristie and Philip Bridgeman TestimonialWe want to thank Hilda and Aus Visa so very much for helping us successfully achieve getting Kriste’s Spouse Visa from the Philippines to live in Australia. We found that because getting the Visa granted was of so vital of importance to us – that it was best to get professional help. Especial in getting all the paper work (and there is loads and loads of it) organised and put together in proper order. Also it was so valuable and worth the expense to be able to ring and visit Hilda at any time to get advice, get questions answered and to interpret the legal jargon that has to be filled out. We found Hilda to be very easy to talk to and professional and helpful We recommend Hilda and her team at Aus Visa very much and thank her for her help and the result speaks for itself – a smooth and successful Visa Application granted.