When we were offered a job in Australia, we needed to organise our visas. Our immigration process to Australia lay ahead of us with the dreaded red tape process greater than we had ever known. We had heard from others how long and slow the process was and we were prepared for an uphill climb that only the strong survived. Fortunately, we were referred to Hilda Dhanaraj by our Australian employer who utilises her services. Hilda guided us through the immigration process step by step. Her friendly, efficient, prompt and meticulous care to detail secured our visa 457 in three weeks and one day ! After 6 months we were eligible to apply for Permanent Residency and THREE days after Hilda lodged our application, we were granted PR. When one expects and prepares for the worst and you are blessed with a smooth, guided, trouble-free route, I think God calls it ‘HILDA’. Thank you Hilda for helping my family into Australia.