I would like to say thank you for Hilda’s excellent assistance and support for my visa application. First, I was thinking of applying for visa on my own, but it seemed not that easy. I could not imagine how long I had to spend to get everything ready and literally I had no idea what to do first. When I visited Hilda for the first time, I had counsel with her. She listened to me about my situation very carefully and gave me advice at that point, and then I found she is very experienced and professional. Once we started the process, she always gave me right instruction. I believe I have wasted a lot of time and effort without her. She knows what need to be done on which timing, the best way to organize documents. I was always on right track. When I have got my visa approved within 1 week after lodgement, I was surprised at it was approved in such a short time, and I realized importance of Hilda’s work again at the same time. She is friendly and open, she always told me to contact her whenever I needed help. She is very reliable. I could not have achieved this without her. I really appreciate that I met her.