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AUS VISA SPECIALISTS is the leading provider of Australia Immigration services to those who want to live and work in Australia or for those who want to bring their family to Australia.

We have extensive experience in processing visa applications and have successfully managed many complex applications. We have sound knowledge of legislative requirements and we can assist you in identifying the best possible visa option. We guide you through the entire application process and ensure you have a successful outcome with your visa application and achieve your dream to living in Australia.

If you do not meet the current criteria for a migration visa, we an also assist you in preparing and planning a migration pathway that could allow you to qualify for an Australian visa.

Obtaining an Australian visa will give you the opportunity to live and work in this beautiful country and have a bright future.

As Australian Immigration law is very complex, we recommend you use a Registered Australian Migration agent for your visa applications. We have an outstanding track record with visa applications and with will guide you step by step through the entire application process.

To find out if you are eligible for an Australian visa, complete our initial online Assessment. Please ensure the information you provide is complete and accurate so that we can assess visa options for you promptly. Select the visa category and then complete the online questionnaire, providing as much background information as possible and we will contact you.

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