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Scott and Kate

After becoming so overwhelmed with the process for acquiring a spousal visa for my wife from America, I came across Aus Visa Specialists and got in contact with Hilda who is a migration agent in Perth. Our stress and fears completely disappeared after one conversation with her and we began the process. I cannot emphasize how extremely helpful she has been in helping us organize everything before and after our wedding and making the whole process as simple as possible. She responded to emails and calls within hours without fail and always makes you feel like you’re a priority.

I would highly recommend Aus Visa Specialists to anyone looking for a stress free Visa process and a highly professional migration agent.

Thank you Hilda and Raj, God Bless!

Scott and Kate

Ian Mbatia

Hilda is heaven sent and one of Australia’s greatest migration agents. I have dealt with Aus Visa from July 2016 until January when my Subclass 189 visa got granted (5 weeks after we lodged the EOI). Aus visa is professional, caring, sympathetic, mentoring, supportive and reasonable and this is when you believe that it’s just not about the money but the genuine interest in helping others i can certainly say Aus Visa is the not about the money. Hilda has seen me through the hardest times and till the time I got my visa grant it was reassurance and patience which she supported me through most of the time. I did not have to worry as Hilda was always on top of everything. She is indeed a mother figure and without her guidance I will not be here. Thank you Aus Visa for giving me the greatest opportunity in my life and I’m sure this will not be the last time we are interacting. For anyone looking for a migration agent don’t look any further than Aus Visa as you are sure to get the visa even with the most complex issues – Hilda will certainly make it right and easy for you. Thanks Hilda you will never be forgotten.

Daniel and Enes

We went to Hilda seeking advice on how to proceed with our de facto partner visa (subclass 461). With the amount of paper work to submit and the intricate process thereof, we needed expert advice, and we got it from her. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the criteria for this visa, and answered all our phone calls and emails promptly. The processing time for our visa was stated as three months, but we got it in two!

Thank you Hilda for your guidance in this process, it completely took the stress from us, and you made us feel comfortable every step of the way. We would recommend Aus Visa Specialists to anyone looking for timely and professional help with their visa process. Thanks again!

Tomas and Lucie

Hi all,

I would like to share our experience with Hilda & Raj who are professional agents regarding migrating to Australia and also other types of visa.

I have got contact on Hilda from my friend and when I started looking reviews there were just all 5 stars like the best agent ever!

So I went with Hilda and from my first contact with Hilda I was more than happy.

Hilda was very prompt even I emailed her 10:00 pm at the weekends she replied -amazing, she is so prompt, helpful, knowledgeable and nothing can stop her. She is organized very well and that is also why we have not had any single problem from immigration. Hilda exactly know what you need.

Immigration did not call because they just did not have any reason why – everything was perfect and punctual what is very important in Australia.

I must say with my partner that we have a lot good and either bad agents nevertheless Hilda is just BEST agent who we ever met!!

We thank you very much Hilda for all what you did for us. Thank to you we have received our desire permanent residence!

We are very grateful to you!!!

Bill and Olga

I am very happy to meet in my life such a great personality .as Hilda. She is a wonderful person and-a.n amazing, stunning Australian Migration Agent. Hilda saved us more than once. Thanks to her efforts and assistance my Partner and me got a short term Visitor (Tourist) Visa Subclass 600′-twice. And also thanks to Hilda and hertearh we got more importantly our Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300.1 know it was great hard work. Hilda always, knows what.to do, how to do it properly and quickly. She follows the changes in legislation and can help with any question on migration and visa. She can help you with vitally important questions. Hilda manages the progress of your documents and always informs you about everything on your visa application. She always answers all your questions and gives advice on your case. Hilda completely controls your case and she does her best to solve any issues that may arise. Hilda Dhanaraj is highly professional and responsible migration agent. She is a Master and an Expert on visa and migration. Hilda is an example for many other agents, and many people need to follow her example on how to work on applicaitons. To say briefly, she Is simply the Best! We are.very grateful”to Hilda for everything she has done for us. We would highly recommend Hilda Dhanaraj and Aus Visa Specialists to anyone who needs professional help for visa and migration. Thank You Dear Hilda for Your great help, care and support! You make people Happy and help them make their Dreams come True! THANK YOU HILDA VERY MUCH!!! All the Best to You!!!

Mike and Vu

Hilda, without a doubt is the best Visa agent you could ever ask for. We were really lucky to have found her. We googled a few people and called them, and everyone else said they only see people Monday- Friday, 9-5pm – no exceptions, which doesn’t work for us when we both work and can’t get time off work. From the start, Hilda was flexible, understood and actually cared. Hilda went out of her way to help us and for that we are very grateful. Hilda doesn’t do this just as a job to get money but does it because she loves what she does and loves to help people. That is what sets her apart from the rest. We were really impressed at how dedicated Hilda was and would recommend her to anyone. If there was an award – we would nominate her for being the best.

Steve Whistlecroft Clough

Having contacted a few visa agencies I was not happy with the speed of response and the confusing answers I was given to my visa related questions. Hilda at Aus Visa Specialists came recommended by a work colleague and I was impressed by the speed of response to all my initial enquiries. From the day I took up Aus Visa Specialists services, Hilda guided me through the process and gave me quick responses to all my questions. Within 2 months I had all my paperwork in order and the visa application was lodged with the Department of Immigration and 4 months later my visa Subclass 186 was granted. I would recommend Hilda and Aus Visa Specialists to anyone as the knowledge they have of the current Immigration rules and regulations is second to none.

Azalea Sitali

I have used the services of Australian Migration Visa Specialists on two occasions now. First when applying for my Temporary residence and also when applying for my Permanent residence. I worked with Hilda Dhanaraj who impressively displayed professionalism, organisation and reeked of dedication. All my Visa’s were granted decorously that the expression jaw-dropped-to-the floor almost literally came to pass. I highly recommend acquiring the services of Aus Visa Specialists as you will not be disappointed. I myself have a skip in my step and a smile on my face and just like Gene Kelly…I’m singin’ in the rain! All thanks to the hard work of Hilda Dhanaraj and the Aus Visa Specialist team.

Aileen and Darren Farry

I first met Hilda in 2011 when she handled my 457 sponsorship. I had been recommended to her by a client of mine and luck was defiantly with me that day. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, she was thorough in her work and very professional. My visa was granted very promptly with no issues.

I used Hilda again about a year later to change my sponsor to another company and again I received the same high service and depth of care. In 2012 she handled my PR application which was granted in 3 days to my amazement!!

My then partner had had visa issues also and we asked Hilda to help us with his situation…she was completely honest with us and provided all of the information to us that we needed to resolve his issue.. She was caring and thoughtful in the process and always maintained contact with us throughout the year as we needed to wait with his application.. We submitted his application which was a complex one to Immigration in August and as of last week his visa was granted!!!!!

We can truly say that Hilda was our saving grace and our guardian angel. She is an amazing woman and we will be forever grateful to her for her help and compassion over the years. We would highly recommended her as a registered migration agent and her team to anyone regarding visa help.. We will most definitely remain friends with Hilda and never forget how she has helped us and our future in Australia!

Cynthia Kelly

Hi Hilda, Thank you so much for all your help in regards to my visa. After a very stressful year for me, you made the process so easy and stress free compared to other people’s experience going through the Subclass 189 visa process. No matter how minor a question I asked you always replied promptly and gave me great direction as to the information I needed and there was no delay in filing documents. Again thank you very much for helping me get my skilled visa so quickly.

Karin Leggat and Charl Freysen

Dear Hilda and Team I am sure you get thank you letters all the time but I can assure you that Charl and myself cannot thank you enough for walking the extra mile and always answering all our questions and emails. Our visa was 100% depending on my son, Francois van Zyl’s visa and we went through the process with him being in Australia ( and you, Hilda giving him support and encouragement all the time) while we still being in South Africa. We know that his visa was a miracle and that you had to work really hard to get it approved. Whereas our process was smoother but with all the uncertainty and emotions that goes with such an application we could not have asked for anyone more attentive than yourself. You were patient with us from the start. The most important part with such an application is to keep the communication going as the applicant is uncertain and anxious – and we can honestly say that you answered all emails and call without delay and kept us informed all the time. We also compared your fees and found that to be very reasonable as we are sure that you did much more than what you charged us for. We heard horror stories of fellow South Africans and other immigrants and how they lost money and were never granted there visa’s due to delays and unscrupulous agents. We were in the best hands with you and your honesty and integrity made this process a pleasure. We are now proud Permanent Residents and looking forward to becoming Citizens soon. We have made the best decision ever to move to Australia and wish we could help all our family and friends to do the same. We are grateful and feel privileged. Thank you dear Hilda.

Anjan and Deepika Gupta

We write this letter to thank you and record our sincere appreciations for the valuable service Hilda had extended in processing our application to migrate to Australia. Where do I start? What can I say? To tell how the Aus Visa Specialists helped us on our way. A wonderful welcome and informative start. All helping together playing their part. On-going advice and updates galore. Helping us feel that there is always an open door. Hilda and team, you Guys are legend. Emailing and phoning to keep us up to date. We can say only thanks and let everyone see. That without your help, goodness knows where we would be. Our Visas are granted on 9th Feb 2012 congratulations you say We are so grateful for you all helping us on our way. We just wanted to say thanks in a different way! We greatly appreciate the high degree of professionalism, promptness and commitment shown by her during this processing period. We were always made to feel comfortable and assured of a positive outcome. It has been a pleasant experience too to be associated with her in settling our new Home in Australia and making our life so rewarding. Best wishes all the ways for your good, health, prosperity and wellness forever

Lynn and Trevor

My partner Lynn and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hilda and the staff at Aus Visa Specialists for their help and professionalism in our Subclass 820 partner visa application. We were referred to Hilda and Aus Visa Specialists by a close friend who previously engaged her services for a partner visa application of which they were successful. Our friends had nothing but positive feedback from the help they received from Hilda.

When Lynn and I first met Hilda, right at the start she took the time to give us an honest assessment of whether she thought we had a chance for a successful visa application. Hilda was very clear in discussing our options, detailed costs of the visa and cost of her services, time frames she believed we could start and complete our application and payment breakdowns for her services and the visa application. I remember we were very anxious before meeting Hilda and felt a lot more at ease and confident about our application following our first meeting.

Over the next couple of months working with Hilda, a few things really impressed us about her; her dedication in working with her clients, her flexibility in accommodating our needs, how easy it was to communicate with her, and how experienced and well informed she is with immigration policies and processes within Australia as well as with foreign countries. Hilda would respond to our email queries almost immediately and was very clear with the information she provided. I found Hilda to also be very patient with us as we got our application together bit by bit.

Thanks to Hilda and her team and Aus Visa Specialist, we were successful with our visa application within 3 weeks of the date the paperwork was lodged! Hilda we would both like to thank you so very much for helping us out. It is through the success of our application with your help that Lynn and I are able to remain in Australia together and continue with our journey as partners.

The application for the visa was difficult, and at times very stressful. Having you as our migration agent definitely lightened our load and I believe we would not have had a positive outcome without your help and guidance.

Thank you also for so being so caring and kind to both of us, we wish you and Aus Visa Specialists the very best for the future!

Jochem Tubbing Senior Research Consultant Patterson Research Group

We have successfully worked with Hilda (Aus Visa Specialists) to convert my 457 Skilled worker Visa into a 856 Visa (Permanent Residency). This sounds like a quick standard process, but it didn’t turn out that way and at some stage the whole application turned into a nightmare as the Department of Immigration started off being very difficult and basically initially wanted to reject our application based on incorrect interpretations of our company’s activities which was being reinforced by some petty legal issues. This made it seem almost impossible to get the application through. However, Hilda stepped in and gave us some priceless expert advice on how to approach the Department. With the help of our Managing Director, who strongly emphasized on the importance of the business and its contributions to the WA economy, the Department promptly approved the visa application. We now know why Hilda is called “Lady Luck”! There is something special about the way Hilda works that makes her business stand out from other visa speciali

Kaori and Mungi

We started to preparing for our visa application while we were in Queensland. I had a job offer in Broome and my employer referred us to Hilda at Aus Visa Specialists. Since my partner and I were in Queensland, we completed all our paper work through emails and phone calls and posted all our documents to Aus Visa Specialists in South Perth, Western Australia. We had very little time to get the application ready because my visa was expiring and we were extremely anxious and worried that we will not be able to get the application into Immigration before our visas expired. But Hilda, our migration agent, worked very hard and gave us accurate advice and guided us step by step in getting the documentation ready. Hilda always contacted with us and made sure everything was going well. Finally we made it and our visa have been approved. It was our big dream since long time ago to live in Australia and we were really lucky to meet Hilda assisting us through the visa application process. Without Hida, it would have been difficult to get our application through in such a short time. We commend Hilda as the best of visa specialist and recommend her services to any one who wants an excellent migration agent for their application.

Dave McDonnell

I was in a panic about my situation before I received some advice from Hilda. She immediately put me at ease with her in depth knowledge and positive outlook. The thing that impressed me the most was that Hilda was able to inform me about my particular case and how long it should take all going well.

Straight away I knew that Hilda and her team were the right people to take my application and it was definitely the correct move. She gave me a list of all the information needed and how to prioritise without leaving any stone unturned.

I have no doubt that the Subclass 189 VISA was granted in the fastest possible time due to Hilda’s expert advice and hard work to push for everything in time for the next stages of the application. I would and already have recommended Hilda to my friends. I am extremely grateful to Aus Visa Specialists and anyone who is looking for a registered migration agent would do well to find a team as good as Hilda’s.

Ann Bourke

I first contacted Hilda by email on a Sunday evening in May, 2011, when I was researching visa specialists online, and to my surprise, I received a very prompt reply. Hilda is extremely knowledgeable, professional, tenacious and experienced with the immigration process. Hilda is honest and will give the best advice, when working under stress, working with this life changing situation. Visa applications require an enormous collation of information, Aus Visa Specialists work to the highest quality standard, which I would state is excellent. My actual visa for permanent residency once it was lodged was processed within 5 working days; I feel it was because of Hilda’s articulate method of presentation and her working reputation with the department of immigration. Hilda is an exceptional person and changes lives. Thank you so much, you are very special

Heng Su Hsien

One could not have found a more caring, proficient and professional migration agent like Hilda and her team. My hope for an Australian Migration visa started off badly (due to bad advice from other Australian migration agents in Perth, my own ignorance and the multiple changes to Australian visa policies) but Hilda helped me keep my sanity and gave me her honest opinions so that I could make informed decisions.

Although I was unable to secure a temporary visa despite our rush to send in my application, Hilda did not give up and searched through all the options available and in the end, we discovered that I was eligible for a Permanent WA State Sponsored Subclass 190 Visa instead! Now, I’ve gotten the visa approval and I’m ecstatic!! Hilda and her team are sincere, efficient and most importantly, they are ready to go into the nitty gritty to do their best for their clients. Simply awesome!

Noriko Toyoshima

I would like to say thank you for Hilda’s excellent assistance and support for my visa application. First, I was thinking of applying for visa on my own, but it seemed not that easy. I could not imagine how long I had to spend to get everything ready and literally I had no idea what to do first. When I visited Hilda for the first time, I had counsel with her. She listened to me about my situation very carefully and gave me advice at that point, and then I found she is very experienced and professional. Once we started the process, she always gave me right instruction. I believe I have wasted a lot of time and effort without her. She knows what need to be done on which timing, the best way to organize documents. I was always on right track. When I have got my visa approved within 1 week after lodgement, I was surprised at it was approved in such a short time, and I realized importance of Hilda’s work again at the same time. She is friendly and open, she always told me to contact her whenever I needed help. She is very reliable. I could not have achieved this without her. I really appreciate that I met her.

Katie and Rob Lever-Jones

Hilda booked us in to see her with short notice on a sunny Saturday when we first met her to discuss our employer sponsored visa application. From the very start Hilda was honest and hard working, she was helpful and knowledgeable at every step of our long journey. Hilda was diligent and proactive and we couldn’t have achieved our Permanent Residency Visa without her help. We would recommend her, a Registered Migration Agent, to anyone who wants to apply for an Australian migration visa! Hilda has helped us secure our long term future in Australia and we are forever grateful!

Yang Wei

Hilda was recommended by a friend whose visa application was also granted with the assistance of Hilda. During my application for 187 visa, Hilda was always patient and professional and what really impressed me is the efficiency of her work. I started my application in February 2014, and the visa was granted four months later. I am very grateful for Hilda’s assistance. To anyone who want help with their Australian immigration visa application, Aus Visa Specialists and Hilda will be your best choice of an Australian registered migration agent. Thank you very much

Kriste and Philip Bridgeman

We want to thank Hilda and Aus Visa so very much for helping us successfully achieve getting Kriste’s Spouse Visa from the Philippines to live in Australia. We found that because getting the Visa granted was of so vital of importance to us – that it was best to get professional help. Especial in getting all the paper work (and there is loads and loads of it) organised and put together in proper order. Also it was so valuable and worth the expense to be able to ring and visit Hilda at any time to get advice, get questions answered and to interpret the legal jargon that has to be filled out. We found Hilda to be very easy to talk to and professional and helpful We recommend Hilda and her team at Aus Visa very much and thank her for her help and the result speaks for itself – a smooth and successful Visa Application granted.

Erin and Yasser

My partner sponsored me on a prospective marriage visa through Aus Visa Specialists recently. From what I heard, the visa application and process was lengthy and time consuming. We decided to go through Hilda Dhanaraj, since we were both aware of her great reputation and high level of professionalism which was delivered by her team and herself. Having a great attention to detail, Hilda listened to our situation and gave us great advice on which visa was most suitable for my situation. Hilda’s approach was always straightforward & professional but personal at the same time. Hilda was honest & informed us of the time it would take to process the visa. Aus Visa Specialists helped us all the way through with the preparation & submission of documentation. After the application was lodged, they kept us informed of the progress of our visa application. Hilda gave us a checklist of all required documents that we had to submit for the application. Hilda made it very easy for us as she has great experience and attention to detail which enabled a smooth transition for our visa application. You would be surprised how many people go to her office for visa applications and information, yet she accommodates everyone to her busy schedules. We were surprised when we got the visa only after three months. This obviously shows that Hilda has a great sense of dedication for her clients and maintains a good reputation for her business. Hilda always provided her full commitment and support throughout the process. Personally, Hilda understood the stress we are in regarding our visa, but she always put us as top priority as she is very hard working and patient. We really appreciate the effort and support provided by Hilda and the team. We recommend Aus Visa Specialists as the best migration agent.

DJ Lim

Aus Visa Specialists have a team of friendly, dedicated professionals who produce results. In just three months, Hilda and her team were able to assist me in securing residency under the Skilled Migration Program. Genuine, honest advice was given throughout the application process and the ladies at Aus Visa Specialists were only more than happy to help in any way they could in a timely manner. The ladies at Aus Visa Specialists gave a thorough service, making themselves available to answer any queries not only whilst I was getting my application ready, but throughout the whole process until my residency was granted. I would have no issues recommending Aus Visa Specialists to anyone who would want to take the hassle out of their visa application. In fact, they are currently helping me to get my parents over permanently too. It’s definitely a good feeling knowing we are in capable hands.

Richard Habal

I would like to thank Hilda Dhanaraj Aus Visa Specialists for their professional approach and integrity towards my application. From start to finish the process was executed in a timely manner. Without Hilda’s tireless commitment and attention to details my dream of coming to Australia would not have come true. I have no hesitation to recommend Hilda to my family and friends. If people require current and professional advise you will not be disappointed with Aus Visa Specialists. Once again thank you Hilda.


Aus Visa Specialists are very good in recommending which visa subclass is right for you and your family and suggesting correct documentation for the Visa. Professional approach and Excellent service from Start to Finish. I am really impressed with their service and prompt and quick response to our queries.

Pratyush Kumar

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial to thank Hilda for her invaluable help. She guided me in lodgement of my General Skilled Migration visa. I was successful in securing PR in just 3 and half months after lodgement. The entire team of Aus Visa Specialist esp. Hilda, was very cooperative and patient. I had lot of questions and confusions, which she happily cleared for me. I really appreciate her professionalism and dedication to my application. She handled all the responsibility very well. It made me stress free and I could focus solely on my job. I will always remember Hilda for her support and I hope she remembers me. I feel so glad that I have chosen Aus visa Specialist for their service. A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGG thank you to Hilda and her entire team once again.

Tonya and Paul Morrissey

If you are in need of a friendly, efficient and true professional person to handle your next visa submissions, do not overlook Hilda. Hilda handled a complex matter for us; to our surprise with total ease and once lodged we were confident of a successful outcome, achieved with expediency. It was also important to us as an employer; and our prospective employee; that the association with this Migration Agent represented someone of integrity and equated to value for money in rendering her services. We were also thrilled how Hilda worked in harmony with our Management and was able to work around our busy schedules in order to make this happen expecting minimal input from the Employer’s desk during the processes; that was not envisaged of her services when we compared her service to our previous application experiences. Your decision to appoint Hilda will not disappoint.

Michael Chan and Jerilyn Wee

We first met Hilda when we were at University and when I hit a snag with my PR application, she came to the rescue. With some quick analysis, she gave her best advice and we went with it. She turned the tables around and got us back on track again. Hilda’s professionalism and attention to detail helped us through the application and within 2 weeks my TR was approved and back on track towards my PR. She was also able to fit in with our busy work schedule and gave time to us whenever possible. All in all, we are grateful for her advice which assured my future in Perth, Australia.

Nyoman and Family

I have heard a lot of agency offered their assistant to get trough of all the document I needed for immigration purpose Well by the time is come for me and family to apply for permanent resident ..was had to decide which agent to appoint and I chose Hilda Dhanaraj whom I found through the internet. In my first meeting, I realised that Hilda is very reliable person. With her step by step guidance I was able to understand how much hard work and effort will be provided from Hilda to achieve my dream to become PR through the Employer Nomination Scheme application. With a lot potential migrants competing for visa places with the same goal, I knew I need a very reliable agent who can handle complex applications. While my application was being processed, I found that I had a problem regarding my IELTS score. Hilda, with her outstanding skills, sought a waiver and addressed the exceptional circumstances criteria to support my application and got a waiver for my English language requiremnet. . With her hard work, dedication and the commitment, we knew we had the best representation and this gave me and my family confidence to trust Aus Visa Specialists. well yes… All the documents were collected and completed promptly and withing a sort of period 2 months my family and I were granted our permanent residency in Australia. Based on our experience, I have recommended the AUSVISASSPECIALIST to all my friends who need the expertise of an experienced migration agent like Hilda Dhanaraj and her team at Aus Visa Specialists. . Thanks to Hilda and Team.

Mandy Strachan

When we were offered a job in Australia, we needed to organise our visas. Our immigration process to Australia lay ahead of us with the dreaded red tape process greater than we had ever known. We had heard from others how long and slow the process was and we were prepared for an uphill climb that only the strong survived. Fortunately, we were referred to Hilda Dhanaraj by our Australian employer who utilises her services. Hilda guided us through the immigration process step by step. Her friendly, efficient, prompt and meticulous care to detail secured our visa 457 in three weeks and one day ! After 6 months we were eligible to apply for Permanent Residency and THREE days after Hilda lodged our application, we were granted PR. When one expects and prepares for the worst and you are blessed with a smooth, guided, trouble-free route, I think God calls it ‘HILDA’. Thank you Hilda for helping my family into Australia.

Louise Haw

I have dealt with Hilda Dhanaraj since 2006, at which time she provided me with advice on visa opportunities available to my skill set. Hilda assisted me with my 457 visa sponsorship in 2007 and again in 2008 with my Permanent Residency. She provided me with excellent support in all areas, from what was required to arranging medicals. She was never too busy to take a call and always available to help. Her attention to detail gave me confidence that my visa applications would be approved. She ensures that her clients receive the best possible advice and attention, and ensures that visa applications are complete before submission. I can confidently recommend Hilda Dhanaraj as a solid and reliable consultant, and an expert in her field.

Dare Jeremiah

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you and your entire staff members for assisting me and my family to get our Permanent Residency. You and your entire staff has proved yourselves beyond the recommendation I was told about your professionalism in getting things done. I will continue to recommend people to come to you for any immigration matters. God bless you and your entire staff in Jesus name.

Derek Jacobsen

Dear Hilda, As you can imagine I am over the moon with the granting of my visa and want to sincerely thank you for the speed and efficiency the whole process has taken. The professionalism and courtesy I have received from my first contact with yourselves which was a mere 21 days ago to the concept of a bright and happy future I am anticipating in Australia has to put you on top of the pile as visa agents and second to none! Well Done!!!!!!! I am exceptionally grateful to you both and feel overwhelmed and blessed by this awesome experience, if I was near you I would be laying a big fat thank you kiss on your cheeks. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Andrew and Amelda du Toit

We ( Du Toit Family) would like to thank AusVisa Specialists for your very professional and friendly service during our visa application, without you we would never be able to get our PR. Mum is 74 years of age and without your help and support she would never got her PR. We will always recommend you to all our friends and family who need a migration agent to help them. You are simply the best !!!!!!!!!

Michael Mariano

Thank you very much for assisting me and guiding me to achieve my PR. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my Subclass 189 visa application.

Zaheer Allam

Hilda always provided an outstanding service as a registered migration agent. While being overseas, I thought a visa application would be stressful and time consuming but she provided all the facility and easiness to proceed with my skilled visa.

Her advice was spot on and the application was coordinated in a professional fashion. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone contemplating migrating to Australia.

Marie J. Giraufle

My experience with Hilda has been beyond expectation; she has got the skill, knowledge and ability to do her job. She has been outstanding whilst guiding me in my Permanent Residency process.

I first sought her advice before starting the whole process and she was patient, listened to me and eventually advised me the steps to take for the application.

On top of that, she has been amazingly consistent in the whole application process. I have put my faith and trust in Hilda and she has proved to be efficient. My thanks go beyond limit to Hilda and her team for their high quality skills for helping me obtained my Permanent Residency.

I wish Aus Visa Specialists lots of success and blessings.


I would like to thank Hilda and the others at Aus Visa Specialists for helping me achieve my dream to stay in Australia after I finished my studies. What I, in June 2012, thought was a meeting to find out that there was not enough time and that my goal would be too difficult to achieve, turned out to be the starting point to gaining my Permanent Residency in January of 2013. At a time when the jungle that is immigration was undergoing major change, Hilda navigated me and my sponsoring employer through the process which finally lead to a complete nomination and visa application lodged in time before my previous visa expired, something that seemed impossible only a couple of months before! I highly recommend Hilda, a registered migration and visa processing agent to any one who wants to apply for a visa.

Tracie Ng

Hilda was very helpful when I sought her services for both my TR and PR applications. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and with her attention to detail, she made the whole process less daunting. Hilda ensures that her clients are given all the vital information and she always aims for the best for her clients. I would recommended Hilda to anyone who needs assistance in visa applications because she delivers and won’t disappoint!

Jason and Emmy

We would like to thank you Hilda and your team for what we “thought ” would be a nightmare ! , into a fairly smooth and extremely organised visa application. The time frame and process was spot on the money with what you told us, with no hidden or unexpected issues Hilda. I can honestly say this spouse visa process was actually not that hard Hilda , ok ok all that credit goes to you . We just carried out what you required of us to complete in the application. Hilda we cannot thank you enough , we are currently going through our wedding plans as I type and the only head ache is wondering where we shall honeymoon , what a lovely headache to have hey ? . Thank you Thank you Thank you …

Mishelle Patel

Absolutely use AusVisa Specialists! The service has been fantastic and prompt. No question was ever ignored and there was constant communication so I felt a part of the process without the usual stress. Highly recommend their service as a Migration Agent.

Koni De La Cruz

I highly recommend Aus Visa Specialists to families wanting to migrate to Australia because they are reputable Australian Migration Agents located in Perth, Western Australia. I can confidently state that I have been truly impressed with the high-quality service they provided to my family in our migration application. I appreciate the efficient and personalized assistance and guidance they gave us throughout the entire Australian visa application process. I got answers to my queries promptly and all my concerns were addressed and explained to me comprehensively. I am overjoyed with our visa approval and which we received much earlier than we had expected. I could not ask for anything more. Now my dream of living in Australia has been realized—Thanks to Aus Visa Specialists!!

Lavneeta Natyala

I first went to Hilda for a consult and I knew instantly that I wanted her to act for me as my migration agent. She handled my skilled visa application.

She is extremely professional and straight to the point. She told me exactly what I needed to do to get my visa. Hilda gives excellent advice and is very prompt. Because of her help and guidance, the visa application process became much easier for me. She is very dedicated and helped me every step of the way. Because of Hilda’s hard work and dedication, she managed to make a fast application for me (time was of the essence as I had to make an application within a month). I received my visa very quickly and I can’t thank Hilda enough. I just want to say a heartfelt thanks to Hilda and her staff. I would definitely recommend anybody to Hilda.

Brijesh Maini

Dear Hilda,I would like to extend my grateful thanks for your patience and understanding throughout the whole process starting from application of my Permanent Resident visa (subclass187). You never delayed answering my queries either via phone or e-mail. The answers/solutions provided by you were not only accurate but also prompt. I am highly impressed the way you handled my case and helped me obtain my visa in such a short duration of time. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend your services as a registered migration agent to anyone whom I know that may be of need of your services. It was lovely having you as my immigration agent. I also would like to thank Jean for her amazing services as well. I wish you all the luck in the future.

Dervi and Patrick

My partner and I contacted Hilda for his De facto Subclass 820 visa mid 2012. Hilda was very patient and informative from the very beginning, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have her as our migration agent. She was always very helpful with our application and explained everything in detail.

We were advised that the processing time was three months but to our delight and surprise, the visa was approved within three weeks [inclusive of Christmas 2012 break).

We were extremely happy with the service provided. Never have I dealt with such a professional and hardworking migration agency.

Thank you once again for your help, you have been very reliable throughout and would definitely recommend your services as a registered migration agent to friends.

Donna Keehan and family

Dear Hilda I like to thank you on the services you provided. I found ye very helpful, fast and efficient. So happy to be approved for my Subclass 820 spouse visa application. Thanking you.

Fernanda Du Plessis

There are no words to describe the integrity, professionalism and service of Hilda. As an immigration agent, she is the best and I will always recommend her. I have recommended her to numerous friends and family of whom all were impressed with her dedication to her work. I wish her all the best.

Nina and Darren

We found Aus Visa Specialists online. From the first free consultation we got a positive feeling. We were convinced that our case would be handled efficiently and without hassle. Hilda and her assistant Edith are extremely professional and get involved with every applicant personally. A huge Thank You for getting both our visas approved so quickly. We highly recommend this agency.


I cannot believe that l now have a Visa after Aus Visa Specialist helped me to apply for my onshore Partner visa. They gave me TR within three months. I was shocked because my case was complicated l was an international student and legally married from my country. I had engaged an Australian citizen who had my daughter and separated to my legally married wife. With this complicated case l cannot believe that l am still in Australia it’s because of the hard work and support they were giving me, my papers were not enough. We would recommend there services to everyone because they can tackle any complicated problem. Thank you so much for the job well done now our life moves on.

Maddie Street

My name is Madeleine Street, and my partner and I have successfully been granted a De facto Visa to Australia using Aus Visa Specialists. Not only were we extremely happy with the outcome, we received our visa in record time! I found Aus Visa specialists to be extremely helpful, patient, approachable and extremely professional My agent was Hilda Dhanaraj. Hilda was always answering my text messages as soon as she could, would always pick up my phone calls (even if it be on a Sunday evening) and was genuinely passionate about a good outcome of our visa. I felt like She truly cared, and that we were not just another client. I hope everyone who is looking for the help of an agent uses Aus Visa Specialists, as I know they will be getting the best agents possible! I am very happy and excited for my partner to meet Hilda as she has been the reason we are going to be together.

Victoria and Cedric

Very happy with Aus Visa Specialists! My partner visa has just been approved. Hilda was always available on the phone or quick to respond to any emails with any questions we had. The whole process was made easy and straight forward and was always made to feel at ease. Thanks Hilda!

Jacques and family

When we first met Hilda, straight away we were impressed by her professionalism and politeness. She is a very patient person who takes time to talk to and understand her clients. Hilda always provided us with the right advice and was a constant guide throughout our application. We would fully recommend Hilda as a migration agent as her approach and the quality of service she provides are outstanding. Many thanks for your help

David Anderson and Apapat

Thank you for your email regarding Apapat’s visa application and confirmation of her being granted a visa. She and I are very happy to hear this news and thank you so much for your efforts and professionalism in guiding us through all the paperwork. Thank you so much.

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