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The bond between family members is strong – and living apart, in different parts of the world, can be a burden on the heart. It is possible to be re-united with your loved ones living in Australia through a family visa.

Do you have a child who lives in Australia that you wish to join? Then an Australian Contributory Parent Visa is your best option.

There are two Contributory Parent Visa categories:

  1. Contributory Parent Visa Options: Subclass 173 and 143 Visas
  2. Contributory Aged Parent Visa Options: Subclass 884 and 864 Visas

You can migrate to Australia on a Contributory Parent Visa if:

  • you have a child in Australia who is an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen
  • your child sponsors you for the visa
  • your sponsoring child has been living lawfully in Australia for at least two years before your parent visa application is lodged
  • you meet the ‘balance of family’ test. This means at least half of your children must live permanently in Australia, or you have more children living permanently in Australia than in any other single country
  • you meet health and character requirements set by the Australian Department of Immigration

If you wish to be united with a child, then consider the Child Visa Class. This class includes:

  1. Child Visa (Subclass 802) – for children currently living in Australia
  2. Child Visa (Subclass 101) – for children currently living outside of Australia

If your family member is a New Zealand Citizen living in Australia, then your pathway to joining them in Australia is through a:

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (Subclass 461)

Aus Visa Specialists have 100% success rate with Contributory Parent Visa applications, and New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa applications.

As a qualified counsellor, Hilda Dhanaraj, our Registered Migration Agent, has worked extensively with migrant communities and has seen how having parents living permanently in Australia with their children enhances the quality of family life. Each family member benefits with the emotional and psychological stability of a family unit. In Hilda’s professional view, the long term benefits of bringing parents to Australia on one of the contributory visas outlined above, far outweighs the costs of the second instalment of the visa application charge to Immigration.

Contact Aus Visa Specialists today to discover the most effective way to be with your family here in Australia.

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